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Digital Drum Pad Metronome Meideal DS-100
Digital Drum Pad Metronome Meideal DS-100
Digital Drum Pad Metronome Meideal DS-100
Digital Drum Pad Metronome Meideal DS-100
Digital Drum Pad Metronome Meideal DS-100
Digital Drum Pad Metronome Meideal DS-100

Digital Drum Pad Metronome Meideal DS-100

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Digital Drum Pad Metronome Meideal DS-100
Digital Drum Pad Metronome Meideal DS-100
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  • Electronic Drum Pad Digital Drum: Use this electronic drum pad when you want to practice your skills. It is portable and easy to carry anywhere so it’s convenient to play wherever you are. Likewise, it’s wireless making it useful anytime and anywhere. Are you one of those who are blessed with a gift in music? Do you have talents in playing any musical instrument? If yes, then this is just right for you to have. Use this to play that tune that lingers on your head. Practice and be more adept at playing this type of percussion. Bring happiness to the people who hear it and satisfy yourself as well.
  • Drummer Training Pad: Discover and develop that talent in drumming that’s within you by using this electronic drum pad. Practice with it every day to enhance your skills in drumming. It’s lightweight and portable to bring anywhere. Moreover, you can accurately test your tap tempo or in a song tap tempo as well. There’s an included counting function to use. Plus, using this can give you a feeling that’s close to using a leather drum. Likewise, you can adjust the volume so you can practice with other musicians too.
  • Functional and Useful Instrument: You will surely find this electronic drum pad useful in honing your skills. It has a digital screen which is helpful in monitoring while you play. Moreover, this drum an earphone slot and a shockproof design to make it long-lasting. Plus, you can choose from its 0 to 9 beats and a tempo range of 30 to 280. And if that is not enough, you can also set the counting time from 5 to 99 seconds. These features are surely useful to make your drumming practice efficient and effective. Get one for yourself now so you don’t need the whole set of the drum to play your beats. You can have this portable one instead to use and play.
  • Excellent value-for-money: The Meideal DS-100 is an excellent value-for-money drummer training pad. It comes with an integrated metronome program that plays clicks via a built-in speaker or via its earphone output jack (it even comes with its own earphones!). The metronome has real-time tap tempo detection, plus beat, rhythm, and timer programs for training—to build accuracy, speed, and endurance. Most importantly, the pad has a drummer-approved real-life feeling and feedback that enables you to transition from practice pad to real drums with very minor adjustments.
Technische Daten
Drum and Percussion Accessories
Drum pad
Physische Daten
Rubber [ger]
Power supply
2 AAA batteries (included)
5 v DC adapter (not included)
Cover Plates
Höhe [cm]
Breite [cm]
Thread [mm]
Output connectors
1 x stereo phone interface 3.5mm
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Set time is adjustable from 5-99 seconds
Tempo range [BPM]
30 to 280
Nettogewicht [kg]
207 x 206 x 29 mm
Paketgrößen [mm]
490 x 360 x 330
Kind of package
Real-time detection of tempo with tap-tempo function
Includes timer and coach functions for speed and endurance training
Built-in metronome eliminates the need for an additional, external device
Two strike LEDs
Can be mounted on a plate stand
Rhythm: quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets, sixteenth notes, syncopes and combinations thereof
Built-in speaker
Includes volume control for metronome and earphone output
Das Set beinhaltet
1 x Electronic Drum Pad Digital Drum
1 x Stereo Earphone
1 x User’s Manual
Allgemeine Daten
24 monate
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